Designed for (but not coded) for the 2018 API contest sponsored by You Need A Budget. I had stopped using the wonderful YNAB because I had more money going out than coming in, and seeing that reflected every day in the app made me depressed.

So, this plug-in will help people who *really* need a turnaround. It will pop up inspirational messages. But more importantly, it hits a public server and grabs helpful links and information on spending categories:

“Thinking about buying a cheaper used trucks and paying it off instead of leasing a new one. Your savings could be up to $214 per month, and you would have the asset of a truck to use in the future. Click here for more information”


“You can sell used books, DVDs, and CDs online. For example is a great resource. Scan anything with a barcode, and if they accept it, you can put it into a box and they pay the shipping label. Decluttr pays you when they receive the box.”

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