Ny Coding Schools

These are my own opinions. And I should that they are add *uninformed* opinions, since I have only attended classes at a few of these schools. However, even if I’m snarky at times below, I think all of these schools are great. I’ve met tons of talented and nice fellow students, and I wish them all well in their future careers. I these programming schools provide a very valuable service.

General Assembly

Expensive, great location, single instructor single-TA, “hard-ass” for professionals. Clean, fun common areas. Rather lax security. No after-class placement support. My resume got no hits.

App Academy

Messy loud office space, lots of “pair computing”. Acceptance process was a mess. $5,000 down payment, and then 15% of your salary. Basically two giant rooms, one on each floor, with an “open space” layout. Tons of people. However, I had five (or more!) instructors rotating in and out, with two or three TAs helping. And that’s amazing.

New York Coding + Design Academy

Lots of flailing. Single-instructor, single-TA. Nice office in financial district (terrible bathrooms shared with rest of floor). Great break area, clean and free soda. Quick acceptance process. 0$ down (!) and $15,000 of your salary at 10% or less. No after-class placement support, but plenty of weird hours during class time to teach soft business skills like creating a resume and using LinkedIn.

The Flatiron School

Arthur Anderson. Mormon. I’m just jealous, best facilities and location in the financial district.



Fullstack Academy

Grace Hopper Academy

Recurse Center (formerly Hacker School)

Startup Institute

Hack Reactor


Byte Academy

Product School

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