Cloud Computing

This is a scratchpad to keep track of the cloud computing solutions that I’ve tried:

IBM Cloud (bluemix)

Unfortunately, this was the first option I tried, and it’s VERY much like IBM itself: monolithic with very little help pages. However, a lot of their “solutions” seem cribbed from Google (see below), so if I can get a Flask app running on Google, I might migrate it here.

Google Cloud

As I said, this was better than IBM. I was able to install the necessary software and launch a “Hello World!” website. However, like IBM, Google *really* wants me to use Flask. I bought a book on Flask, but this might not be a fun thing to learn right now.

Check out google-cloud-sdk in my Mac’s Application folder

I need to read this in the future:

Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Yay for Amazon! They give you a command line interface! Ok, they are not perfect. They really have locked things down with an arcane “EC2” system. For example, these two lines were essential to copy files and ssh to an EC2

scp -i /Applications/aws/PatrickKellogg.pem /Users/mudcub/Projects/Kryptos/

ssh -i /Applications/aws/PatrickKellogg.pem

Check out aws/PatrickKellogg.pem in my Mac’s Application folder

Python Anywhere

True to its word. this really is Python Anywhere. However, this command line interface comes at a steep price. I quickly used up the free resources, and they quoted me a price of over $100 a month in order to run my sample app. Ouch! But if I had the money and time, I might take them up on it.

Microsoft Azure

  • Haven’t tried this yet

(also: Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, Workday, Nerdalize, Heroku, ScrapingHub, and VMWare)


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