Using the IBM Cloud

I got a free account to the IBM Cloud at However, it’s proving a lot harder to use than I expected:

I got it to display a webpage at Which is great, but I have a python command-line application, and it’s going to take a lot of work to “webify” it. I need to learn a lot more about dynamic web pages, and (more importantly), choose a technology to implement. Ajax or JavaScript? Client- or Server-side page refreshes?

There’s supposedly a way to make IBM use a Docker container for command-line execution, but I kind of like the webpage and the way the IBM Cloud notifies me that it’s running.

Here are some notes:
Michael's i
Microsoft PowerShell


ibmcloud dev help
ibmcloud login
ibmcloud api
ibmcloud target --cf


CD /Users/Patrick/Dropbox/Projects/IBMKryptos
bluemix app push IBMKryptos


To Do List for Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Here are some things I am working on:

  1. HTML → CSS
  2. CGI-BIN → Forethought
  3. Kyptos → Forethought
  4. Kryptos → IBM Cloud
  5. Kryptos → K3 Confusion
  6. Kryptos → “not” Vignere
  7. Kryptos → Where We Are Now
  8. Arduino → Working?
  9. iOS → Interface
  10. iOS → Arduino
  11. PodCast
  12. Native Instuments
  13. Other Instruments
  14. SuperCute
  15. WordPress
  16. Logic
  17. ProTools
  18. Other (Reason?)
  19. Video for Thor

Life in the margins

I started a project to modernize my webpage at The first thing I did was to add “semantic” sections to the page. I wanted to model my webpage on the “Minnesota Nice” style of advertising design: picture at the top, text at the bottom.


I was unable to until I figured out that “normalize.css” was screwing up my custom my custom margins. Once I took that away, it seemed to work better. I want to add fancy “sliding images” to my webpage where the picture at the top stays still and the text slides over it. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do that soon!