Cloud Comput-confusion

I spent some time playing with Cloud Computing. As I see it, if companies are willing to give me free resources, then I should use them! However, “you get what you pay for”…

The winner is “Python Anywhere” ( It a command-line interface that I quickly got up and running. However, I worry that it will eventually be way too expensive. Next is Amazon Web  Services ( They have a command line interface, but you need to jump through their EC2 hoops in order to securely move files and open a ssh connection.

The worst-case scenario is Google and IBM. I was able to get a very simple web page by following a ton of tutorials ( But IBM didn’t even have those help files (

To progress more with Google and IBM, I would need to learn Flask. And I’m not sure that Flask is an in-demand tech skill right now (or that it will be used in the future). I would rather learn Django or some other front-end framework. However, I might return to Flask in the future… I bought a textbook!

See for more details of my adventures.

Using the IBM Cloud

I got a free account to the IBM Cloud at However, it’s proving a lot harder to use than I expected:

I got it to display a webpage at Which is great, but I have a python command-line application, and it’s going to take a lot of work to “webify” it. I need to learn a lot more about dynamic web pages, and (more importantly), choose a technology to implement. Ajax or JavaScript? Client- or Server-side page refreshes?

There’s supposedly a way to make IBM use a Docker container for command-line execution, but I kind of like the webpage and the way the IBM Cloud notifies me that it’s running.

Here are some notes:
Michael's i
Microsoft PowerShell


ibmcloud dev help
ibmcloud login
ibmcloud api
ibmcloud target --cf


CD /Users/Patrick/Dropbox/Projects/IBMKryptos
bluemix app push IBMKryptos