Most Active Projects:

  1. HTML to CSS
  2. Test cgi-bin on Forethought
  3. Kryptos cgi-bin running on Forethought
  4. Kryptos running on IBM Cloud
  5. OeuvreChoosre
  6. Kryptos emails (on “state of the Kryptos”, k3 alternatives, and not Vigenère)
  7. AlgoDrums
  8. iOS to inteface to WiFi to Arduino to prop controller box (PsycheDuino)
  9. Kryptos PodCast
  10. Test Native Instruments
  11. Test other instruments
  12. SuperCute
  13. More WordPress work
  14. Logic Pro X
  15. Pro Tools
  16. Other music recording software (Reason?)
  17. Rip videos for Thor’s future projects